it's your Bornday!

I hear a lot of people do not find their birthday valuable.

They say celebrating birthday is expensive. It is a waste of time. It’s just an ordinary day. But, truthfully birthdays are a special reminders to all. There is a deeper reason why birthdays should be kept as a special event to be celebrated.

My family is quite particular when it comes to birthdays. We always celebrate it even in a small way like preparing a simple get-together-dinner. I never knew the essence of celebrating it until it came to a realization. Birthdays might be irrelevant in most people’s life today. But one thing that some of us didn’t think of is birthdays reminds us who we are.

Imagine, out of all possible people that should be born, you are created in  that particular day! Come to think of it. You are someone important then. All of us! If I am not mistaken, if you aren’t a special person you might end up something else! What? a cat? a plant? a toothbrush?…My point here is you are born because of a purpose. You aren’t just here to breathe, sleep, and eat. You are someone among the billion people in this planet.

That’s the reason why birthdays should be kept as a special event to be celebrated. It doesn’t matter at all if you celebrate it by going to a cheap movie house or having a luxurious ball. Celebrate it in any way as long as you keep in mind the gratitude of being born because of a purpose. 

Have a grateful birthday! 



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