A glimpse of myself

The last Saturday in the month of September where I capture the core of my being.
I was so fond of it that my mind was full of inquiries and pride. It was a whitish thread-like substance, floating inside, that I wonder what and why in this composition I was made of. In my naked eye, I saw and I brought home my DNA.
Compared to my classmates, their DNA was beautifully captured. It was like a species of an unknown invertebrate in the deepest depth of Pacific ocean. It was long and slender. Very beautiful. As I had mine, it almost went to nothing. I thought I did it unsuccessfully, but in a few moments there it was. A minute, coiled whitish speck of my DNA. I wonder why this little fella existed in such a wonderful, chaotic planet. It was said that 99% of our DNA was all the same, but 1% of that is what makes us unique to each other.
I wonder what that 1% could be.

Do you know? Well, tell me so if you do.

It's hard to find the answer when you know that you are blinded with circumstances. But, I am grateful for this little fella. This creature is a survivor. It can walk miles away with a bag of tears and joy in its back. It can learn like child. It can adapt like a chameleon that camouflage. I think there's more to this little fella. And I look forward to it.

  It was in this tiny bottle that I saw myself for the first time.



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