Family day & Ruined breakfast

Sembreak goal #1: Learn to cook French toast

"Seriously? French toast? That's so easy! How could you not done it well?", perhaps this is your reaction towards me. 

I am not good at cooking.  

I learnt making French toast from my guy cousin. Sad to say, he's better than me. As I arrived home from the city, I was thinking if I could make French toast for my family, so I told my father I would buy the ingredients. Last Saturday, I couldn't find cinnamon in the supermarkets (I actually visited 3). So I ended having just milk and eggs for the ingredients.

Yesterday morning, I was juggling in the kitchen while making French toast. I actually made it correctly, but it was tasteless (???). What else can I do? No cinnamon found. My French toast resulted to an egg sandwich instead. With this kind of situation, I think I'll spend more practice to master French toast! 

My father introduced us to Villa La Selva resort. We had our lunch there yesterday. I was amazed as I saw the place because I didn't expect it to be a large fish pond. It was a floating restaurant hidden in the woods, with a garden at the side and a wildlife park. It was newly opened. The moments where not captured though because my phone isn't good with landscape. Their Bistek Tagalog was delicious since it has a slight twist of flavor, something sweet, sour, and a bit spicy. The place was very solemn and I like how the wind play with the nature. 



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