The food chain

What if I am opposite from who I am now?

What if I am a domineering person? Bold and sufficient. 
People will look forward to what I say. I would be giving commands right now. I would spill out my views without a second thought even it would affect the people.I would care less of them anyway but to my job. I would be efficient in decision making. They can't proceed without me leading. I would be feared by the most. I would be the lion in the jungle.

What if I am a conscientious person? Logical and keen.

I would be detail-oriented. I would find your mistakes a disgrace. I am logical, practically good in decision-making. My works are prepared systematically. I would be the hunter in the jungle.

Yet, I am not them.

I consider other people. I keep my thoughts hidden.
I am indecisive. I think of the bigger picture. 
I work for others. I am the nature.

I am not them.



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