Hateful feeling

I hate myself when...

I get weary thinking of my love life, 
that I get sad thinking that others have their special companion
and I'm here daydreaming of my man.

I hate myself when...

My confidence washed out 
when I think no one is taking a chance on me.

I hate it when...

My friends and parents told me to wait for the right time
but I keep returning to the same thought, 
of having one, time to time.

I wish I could just take off my emotions and feel nothing of this.
I wish I could just take away my mind and never drown myself of this.
Is it me? Is it fate?

If having someone is not my time now, 
why do I long?
so stressed out thinking of this over and over again.
Praying time to time and get the same common answer,
but still feeling sad at the end. 

I hate it.



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