PSM convention: Squad moments

I will be please to expose the squad moments we had to you ladies and gents. I was attending a 2 days convention just yesterday. As you can see PSM stands for Philippine Society for Microbiology. But, these photos are just behind-the-scenes. So, without further ado, here are the silly moments captured during the convention.

*courtesy of Allona Reasol
When we had a laboratory report to be pass on the same day of the convention. And when we just have to chill for a moment.

*courtesy of Allona Reasol 
After a wild and wet night at the club, the guys where just too tired to care how they look on their bed :D. We had our breakfast  on a karenderya, residing 2 blocks from the hotel, with just our pajamas on. 
*courtesy of Allona Reasol
Candid, formal, and wacky shots at the end of the convention.



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