with Aunties & uncaptured sight

We can't have these things without my aunts. 

One beautiful day, we had our lunch in Pizza Republic at Limketkai center. I felt so creative choosing the ingredients to put in my pizza. Sadly, I forgot those specific ingredients, but I actually named it "Hawaiin Carambola" secretly. It has pineapples on it, surrounded with leafy veggies and meat for a spicy taste. I sprinkled it with basil at the end and everything looks amazing and it tasted delicious. On some point, I regret having just basil as my spice. The taste actually lacked spiciness, but it was great though!

Yesterday, we went to the mall. We had our snack in Pancake house. I ordered French toast and a fresh orange juice. Next stop, we were strolling around finding the perfect backpack. Second semester is up here at my place and I need to have a backpack that can hold books and stuffs. I haven't had a proper one so my aunt J. gave me as a birthday gift. Yey!
We went shopping some other stuffs like clothes from Old Navy and Petrol and some good 'ol daily essentials from Robinsons Department store. My aunt C. went to have facial spa in Dermstrata. My two aunts went buying home essentials in Rustans and my aunt Cl. and I were taking our break in a mini Nai Cha stall, just in the corner of Rustans. I tried Banana Honey milk tea and it tasted good but it wasn't as good as I expected it to be.

It was almost 9 in the evening and the mall was already closing. So, we went to Razons in GC suites to order out our dinner which is Palabok and a burger for my cousin. We also went to a pastry store which I forgot what it was called and we ordered a chocolate moist cake. 
GC suites during evening looks so festive! They had hanging white Christmas lights everywhere and they were so many! I wish I had a picture taken for you guys but we were so hungry that time, the car engine started up and I hadn't took a picture of it. Maybe next time, okay? :)

That's all with my Saturday! How about yours? I do want to know! :D



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