there could be a different story.

When in war, losses are his triumph and destruction is his happiness.
When he set a war, he wanted something out of greed, pride, and envy. 
He was just too weak to handle his shadowing emotions. He was frustrated because he can't handle the pain. And there he was, already at rage.

He didn't know that his madness poked up his ego. Now, he was blinded with fear, the fear of uncontrolled self. Because of that, his thoughts corrupted with whatsoever that could erase his feelings. He set forth his gold digger army that was never on his side. Then, the world was in chaos. 
News were the portal of his doings. It is seen by many, in tears and in frown. There he is, embarking the land for his take.

He was happy seeing the bloody interaction. The losses of the land was his entertainment. But, he never knew that he was pitiful in an eagle's eye. The lives of innocent were sacrificed for him. For him to realize his inferiority.

Having war was his escape.
He is being a weakling after all.  



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