16 days more to go: Under the realm of Prokaryotes

Last monday, we were given the opportunity to see live microorganisms especially microbes in our laboratory exercise. I was very happy when I discovered that we can just put the microscope in a darkfield view to see these microorganisms better. Also, the specimens were taken from a drop of pond water. I was so amazed by these little creatures that I would be very glad if I can show them to you!

*courtesy to Mary Louise Roy
Different microbes in a lightfield view (left) and darkfield view (right) 

On left side is in the genus Oscillatoria. On the right side, the elongated species at the bottom is in the genus Navicula. At the top, a colony of 4 cells attached in linear manner is in the genus Scenedesmus. Then, we still didn't identify the remaining two. 

*courtesy to Arcjade Mangallab
Different microbes under a darkfield view
On the left side is in the genus Chroococcus. On the right side, it is still unidentified.
I also have this short video of a living protozoan (not sure if it is really a protozoan). But still I hope you'll enjoy watching it!

*courtesy to Jaime Asuncion

It's better to watch this in fullscreen and please do not mind the voices :)



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