Courtesy to: Game of Thrones & Fifty shades of Grey: Google; Shells: Rochel Caduyac; Birthday group picture: Quennie Cenabre; Retreat group picture: Arcjade Mangallab; Alumni group picture: Unknown

Before 2015 ends, I would like to have my #2015BestNine. This year was full of happy memories and these photos are just few of the many!
I tasted so far the best cake of the year that was served on my aunt C.'s birthday. This is a vanilla fruit cake. It was delicious, it wasn't very sweet, and I like the fruits on top. The fruits and the flavor of the cake was blended very well. Just so you know, I am a Game of Thrones fanatic. Yes I do! Oh I'm so excited for the release of season 6 this April! My favorite character is John Snow and there are already a lot of different theories of his history on the internet. Season 5 was hanging, wasn't it? Oh I just can't really wait for April!
I am also a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey. I'd read all of the books and I also watched the first book movie last February. Anyone who's also a fan of Fifty shades? because I really like Anna and Christian's romantic and cute love story. Not to mention the chats, their gifts for each other, Anna's funny thoughts, Christian's lunatic ex-girls...there are just a lot! Although, the sex scenes were quite a show sometimes still their story is a must-read!

In school, I can really say that one of the things I enjoyed was isolating my DNA. Yes, we did! It was coming from my cheek cell. We had so much fun when we saw our DNA in the tubes. I just really like the fact that I'm actually seeing, like in front of me, the reason I am like this. I also wrote something about this moment. If you want you can check it out. I'll leave a link below.
There are times that you'll gonna be stressed out in school. And as I remembered I spent just maybe a week and a half memorizing 100+ varieties of shells including their scientific name and common name. It was for our long exam in Invertebrate zoology lab. It was due to my extra-curricular activities that I find it difficult to concentrate for my upcoming exam. I was juggling with tasks during those times. So, on the day of our exam I was so worried but at the end I got an A in the exam! yey! I was also happy and thankful that I passed our Basic Life Support: CPR Training last November. The dummies were quite hard to put a pressure on but still everyone of the participants made it. 

On my birthday, I was so happy that my high school best friends were able to attend the celebration. It's been a long time since I saw them after graduation. So, I was very happy to see them! In school, the juniors and seniors are required to have a Retreat. Last November, we had our retreat at ... I just forgot the place. I included the retreat in my #2015BestNine because I just had blessed moments during those times. I cannot really share to you everything that happened on the retreat because my post is quite long already. But, let me give you a brief word to wrap up my retreat. It was perfectly the best moment that I submit myself into peace and welcome the graces showered amidst the challenges.  
Then last Sunday, we had our 1st Grand High school Alumni ever. I was so happy to see some of my classmates because it's been a long time. They never change actually. They are still the friends that I knew last 3 years ago except that some of us really blossomed from being shy. 
That's it for my #2015BestNine. But, there's one more thing that I want to include as my best moment. As of September 2015, I officially made my blog Homed: Life in sugar & spice. I bravely started it up knowing that blogging is a hobby that keeps up my daily emotions because I am an introvert and I don't usually express my feelings through talking. Because of that, I write my thoughts and feelings instead. For three months, I met different kinds of people, awesome people, that also blogs and I really look forward befriending them and checking out their upcoming wonderful and inspiring posts. 

As I end this post, I would like to thank everyone of you that made my 2015 at its best! I hope 2016 will be better, I hope for more happiness to come and I hope to endure the struggles to come. I also wish this for you guys. Happy New Year! And may the force be with you!




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