5 days more to go: Star Wars fan?

Hooray for Christmas break!
I should be posting this now to wrap up my whole week because this week was very hectic. We had a lot of school works that I don't have the opportunity to prepare for Christmas. I just got home from the city. Now, I'm planning to buy Christmas gifts for my family. But today, I'll gonna show you some major things that happened this week!

We had our karyotyping exercise in our laboratory. Karyotyping is used to identify mutations in an organism's genes. As you can see at the right side of the picture, we find it difficult to pair the chromosomes according to their sizes and centromeres because they all look the same. After pairing up, some of the set of genes were identified to have Down syndrome and Cri du chat. 

When I went to have a break with all my school works, I went to a tea store named Nai Cha and I ordered Wintermelon with pearls. It was very refreshing!

My father also went to the city the day before we head home. He took me to the cinema to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Star Wars (as of now). I didn't watch its previous episodes so I didn't quite understand the whole concept of the story. But, I'm pretty sure that I'll find time to watch the previous episodes. So after that, we had our dinner at McDonalds and I got a Happy meal Snoopy! I'm really into cute things!

I didn't have much more details about last week because it mostly compromises my life as a student. Mainly, I was busy with school. So, yeah 5 days more to go, I hope for a merry Christmas to all of you!

PS: Tell me if watching Star Wars from the first episode is worth it. Because I'll be watching it sooner. Thanks!



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