Gifts, cookie eating, and the moon on Christmas day!

I had a very fun Christmas this year. My family and I prepared a short Christmas party with our workers. The food was delicious. Though, I hadn't took pictures of it. Actually, I hadn't took pictures during our celebration because my phone wasn't good at capturing dim views. We held the party at our garage so the light wasn't that good enough for my phone. :(
Yet, I enjoyed the party so much! The cookie eating game was very funny. I'm not sure if you're familiar with it, the game goes like this: you have to put a cookie on your forehead and the goal is you have to eat it without using your hands. So I was laughing out loud last night seeing the funny faces of the participants struggling to put the cookie in their mouth.

For my gifts, these are the things that I received last night. 
From the left, I had Pringles with Sneakers that is supposed to be attached on the side but I already ate it. I had a Bench perfume (blue bottle), a pink Tumblr, post-it notes, charm bracelets, a set of underwear, a black sling bag, a Blueberry scented candle, a headband, and a coloring book.
I'm not sure if you have seen one like this coloring book. It contains patterns and different kinds of detailed prints. They say this kind of coloring book helps relieve stress. So, I'll try to use this even though I'm not very good at coloring. It may help me relax especially on exam week.

I also took a (bad) picture of the moon a while ago. Because it was big and I just remembered werewolfs and stuffs. Okay, I know this is out of topic. But, yeah, that's it for my Christmas celebration! How did your Christmas day went? I would love to know. 



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