Good morning December

A year is a lot. We cried, we enjoyed, we did and we felt the life of being human. Three hundred sixty-five days is a compilation of our memories. Time flies like a light year. What were the things you cherished the most?

Me, I like it when I got passed all of my second year subjects and progressed to being a third year student in college. I remembered how I find my Invertebrate zoology difficult because I always got Fs on the quizzes. But, I did it. It's funny remembering that I was head over heels with this guy that I gave a lot of effort to look at him even in a far distance. I love the moment when we were reunited with my high school best friends during my birthday. They got me balloons and a cake to give cheers for my day. I am grateful for the challenges that I faced and fought. They were the worst and the simplest struggles that challenged me and taught me a lot of things. They made me a better person than before. 

See how your memories just flash out in your mind. It is as if you were watching a movie from the start to the last. Every second is just passing by. That is what they say time is gold. Regardless that it is imperishable, memories that we gained are part of us. Even though everything is not permanent, the bottom line of it all is your existence. The life that you spent in a whole year, does it mean anything to you? 



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