Dancing on the street!

Well, this is not new to our country anymore. From time to time, the media are featuring traffic enforcers dancing while managing the traffic. I just happen to saw this on the television and I think they quite have an advantage somehow. Mainly, they give a lot of good show when the traffic is heavy. The video shows an example of this. This is in Valencia city, Bukidnon, Philippines. According to the news, most people like the scheme of the traffic enforcer in handling the traffic.They even took videos of them and laugh because they're having a good time watching them. Some drivers were okay with their show because they display an entertainment while in the traffic. However, they might make some drivers pissed. With the tropical weather we have and to some cities experiencing very heavy traffic, we may not blame the drives for their reactions. 

So yeah, let me know your opinions about this.

Have a great day!



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