Setting the right foot forward

In the first day after New Year, the cars horn loudly, the people are rushing away. The feisty outfits were replaced with uniforms and hands that were holding sparklers were replaced with books. School bell rings and clocks tick as early as seven in the morning, reality hits back.

As a student, you probably might not want to go back to school. After long weeks of Christmas break, your body doesn't even want to get out of bed. You prepared yourself with a grumpy face and went to school with no hint of interest. Just maybe you are not in the mood because you feel sick of your routine. There's a bunch of tasks that you should accomplish and a whole day with the school. There's an upcoming exam and you should be studying on it. You have this and that, and you did this and that. Now, you start juggling with life making your new year pretty aweful. If this is you, we are on the same boat.

However, things changed. I realized that receiving a new year to live is more than anything else you can wish for. A new year is supposed to be the time that you start setting the right foot. Leave the past because there will be so many things ahead of you right now and the right attitude will keep you going on the right tract. 

Start the year with positive vibes! Especially when you're in a hectic week now, be optimistic and cheerful. Being positive frees your mind with all the burden it carries. It clears and reorganizes your thoughts and make you calm at the moment. Being positive opens you to so many goodness that life can bring. Because whenever you feel good, everything will fall in place, on how you manage your day-to-day basis and how you interact with other people. So start your new year setting the right foot forward.  



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