A date with my books & Snoopy

My New Year just greeted me with Midterms week which will start tomorrow Monday. You're probably wondering why I'm still writing a blog instead of reading my books, I'm actually taking a break for awhile. I already finished studying 2 long chapters of my Microbiology book and I still have 4 more to go. I have 4 exams on Monday so after writing this blog I'll be staying on my study table for the whole day. I think a better term for this is I'll gonna have a sundate with my books after.
I hope I'll do good this midterms. I'm crossing my fingers right now. 

Lately, I noticed that I'm so curious with the storyline of Snoopy. The Peanuts movie is now showing in our cinema and I really want to watch the movie because I'm a fan of Snoopy but I never actually read a comic strip of them. I remembered I have Snoopy toys when I was still a kid, but, I don't remember reading their comics before. I feel like I missed half of my childhood. Am I the only one in this situation? let me know.



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