Life of Love

Love is the moment when you came out from your mother's womb. The gentle caress of your parents as they cuddle you in their arms as a baby.  Love is when you ate a lot of your first favorite food which is peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When you run into the living room and watch your favorite afternoon show. 

Love is when you started schooling and find new friends. When you are excited to attend your favorite subject and get As on it. Love is when your parents began to teach you after doing something wrong. Love is the moment when you entered the stage of puberty. The stage where you come to mold your self, build self confidence, and explore the perspectives of different people. 

Love is when your heart jumps when you see your special someone. The tickles brought by his voice and smile. The moments of challenges that will break your bond. Love is that person...

Love starts from the beginning towards forever. Love brought us here in this world. It guided us. It remained the most strongest feeling that opposes to fear. But, love was a test. It brought us to a path where weakness was drawn out and replenished with courage. It shook us as hard as we can say but it brought us nothing but a better us. Love shapes our lives.

Happy Heart's month!



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