Million Volunteer Run 2016

I get out of breath easily.

My friends and I joined the Million Volunteer Run of Red Cross last Saturday. The fun run is a fundraising. The money obtained are allotted for the improvement of the Red Cross facilities and equipment. I had so much fun as we shake off our bodies during Zumba which served as our warm-up and cool down exercise. 

As the run started, I still hadn't reach half of the 1 kilometer I already got out of breath. It seems that my body can't cope to such activity or my body wasn't really trained of the proper breathing. When we reach 1 kilometer or maybe pass 1 kilometer, a man of 30s or 40s was already going back the track. We were so amazed by his speed though! The run was only 3 kilometers, maybe it was a piece of cake to him. Here are few of the photos during the Fun run.

That's it for today! I've got muscle pain the next day though.

Did you join a fun run before? How was it?

Pictures taken by: Clive Abellanosa
Million Volunteer Run image: Google



  1. So cool - well done Fiona! I've done a couple of these at school before, though I don't enjoy them as much - I'm not much of a runner, I need to train more! - Tasha

  2. How lovely you took part in this fundraising event - good for you! Time to rest your muscles and treat yourself to something chocolate-y haha :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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