Valentines Treats!

Here are my Valentines gifts for my aunties!

Yesterday, I was planning to buy some gifts but I didn't have any clue on what to give. After our class, I went to Centrio Mall to search for the perfect gifts. I wasn't so sure so I was roaming around the mall. I went to Robinsons Department store and saw this Redondo wafer sticks. This sweet cookies and cream stick-O is a very nice gift for people who is not really fond of sweets but also enjoys it just bits by bits.

Next stop, I went to the ground floor and saw a line of cakes and pastries stall. I went around and saw this very cute cake in a jar. I bought it knowing that my aunt C. likes cute things and I chose the blueberry cheesecake over Red velvet since I already gave her Red velvet cupcake last year. 

Lastly, as I was still roaming around the stalls I passed by a coconut beverages. My soul jumped as I remembered that my aunt J. likes coconut drinks. So, I bought it. 

Also, I bought something for me. It's a French macarons! There's nothing better than to give yourself some treat! It's a form of love for yourself though. 

Basically, one reminder when buying Valentines gift is it doesn't have to be very expensive. Buy something that your love ones likes, like his or her favorite drink or you can make homemade sweets. You can sing to him his favorite song! Because all that really matters is your loving presence. And of course, give some love to oneself by indulging yourself to something or somewhere this day! 

Happy Valentine's Day!  



  1. Wafer sticks and French macarons? That sounds ideal! Ah, I could easily demolish an entire box of macarons right now haha! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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