Frostbite & coffee drink

Can't wait for my 4 weeks of summer vacation where manuals, books, and exams are not to be worried about and where sunday nights aren't depressing.
Anyways, I was just letting go of my feelings. *ranting
Last wednesday was my friend's birthday. We celebrated it at Shakey's and I just got bloated with all the carbonara, mojos, and iced tea. Not to mention that I sat on the wrong chair. I was in the place where I wasn't able to feel the air conditioner at first and later that I notice, I was already shaking and had a mild frostbite all over my body. 

Finals is coming and I'm already juggling with time management. We had pre-finals last week so I wasn't really able to study for the upcoming finals. I'm crossing my two fingers now and hoping to do my very best!
I am loving a new juice recently which my aunt C. bought it several times already, but I just appreciated the flavor just now. It's a broccoli juice from Del Monte. Now maybe some of you will think that this vegetable juice is "ugh", but, I tell you this is a sweet juice though, since this is already mixed with other fruit juice like pineapples so the flavor is not really what you think it is.


Hey, I'm not a coffee drinker and that's a fact.
Yes I am not and I think most of you are surprised to this. I don't like the bitter taste of coffees, that's my reason. However, a moment happened that might change my status from not-a-coffee-drinker to loving-coffee-drinks girl. My cousin had me taste a Nescafe with creamer and that really made me reconsider coffees. It tasted not really as I expected it to be so we had a brief chat about coffees. I was asking for coffee suggestions that might suits my taste and he said Nescafe Creamy white. However, when I tried it I got headache afterwards. 
I don't know if it was because of the coffee or what...but that would be sad because I'm actually going to try different coffee drinks but maybe my body is sensitive to caffeine?

So, this is what happened to my week. I'm hoping that you can give me advices about coffees and is having headache after a coffee drink normal? I'll be glad to have convos about it.

Have a very great day! 

first picture on right
courtesy to: Rochel Caduyac 



  1. Nice blog!

    1. Thank you Diana! :)
      I'll check your blog the soonest.

    2. Thank you Diana! :)
      I'll check your blog the soonest.

  2. I'm with you Fiona, I'm not a coffee drinker either - I can't get around the taste, I much prefer tea. I hope your finals go well and soon you can spend your days relaxing in the gorgeous sunshine! - Tasha


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