How was your dream?

Hi guys! Let's talk about dreams shall we?

Dreams, I mean "night" dreams, are something that we all experienced. Theorists explain that dreams are coded in terms of symbols,motivations, and beliefs that are meaningful to the dreamer. Sometimes, it codes for conflicts between past experience and biologically determined goals, then it should not be surprising that motivational tensions surface in dream content.

Every so often, dreams aren't really what you can expect. It may be a strange one that leaves you unable to decipher the meaning of it. And the worst part is, almost everything of what you dream will just wipe off your mind then you can't even remember a thing when you wake up. But, you remember it was actually a strange dream.

As far as I can recall, I often dream of peculiar events and this how the stories go...

1. Alien Invasion
I was with my older sister that time when we went to a tall building which I think it was a mall. We were talking about happy stuffs while I looked up at the sky and see a very nice weather where the sun clears out the clouds.
As we entered the mall, people were already running frantically and a giant green, one-eyed alien were already looking down at us and...that ended my dream. So weird right?

2. Maze Runner
I was inside a hospital sitting on their bench. I don't know if I was waiting for someone or was just simply sitting there. After a moment, I look at the next hallway that was so dark like the lights was turned off. I was terrified as if I saw something but actually I didn't. I can really feel in my chest that I was badly scared so I run through the next door as if someone or something from that dark was going after me. As I went through the door, I was running through a maze. It wasn't just a maze, but it has many obstacle courses on it. Last thing that I remember is I crawled on a hole and that ended my dream.

3. Boyfriend pursuit
My family and I walked towards the car after the mass has ended. When we got into the car, my father drive us to an open lot where food stalls are lining up. It's my sisiter's request to go there since she was a bit hungry. My sister went out to buy something. A guy that was also buying there talked to my sister and went to have good conversation together. My father interrupted them and it seems that he was mad at the guy. My father grab a long metal pipe on the ground, which just came out of nowhere, and stroke it to the guy until he had bloody bruises all over his body.

4. Into a Badass
I actually dreamed the same dream from the past years and I think the last dream that I had of this was last year. But, this one was sort of different from the first dream and it actually came to a crazy twist at the end.

I was at our hometown. It was a sunny afternoon that I spent my whole time inside my room when I hear a loud bang and march at the living room. There were two people dressed in black with gun at their hands. They entered the nearby room which was my parent's room but my parent's weren't there. When they were still searching for I don't know, I immediately run outside the house escaping them. But, when I was outside my little sister just came in out of nowhere and we both run to my grandparents' house, just a walking distance from our house. But, two men caught us and held our arms behind our back and pointed the gun at us. I was so horrified until I was in a next scene that twisted the heart-thumping killing.
I drove in a white luxurious car going to a very prominent event. While entering the venue, I was talking to my father in whispers over the phone  about our planned assassination. As I entered the hall, there were a lot of people wearing formal gowns and suits and then I changed myself into someone in disguise. I search for a man which was my target and in the latter, a man on his 30s or 40s started a conversation with me, and it was actually him that I should kill. I felt very vengeful in that moment but I woke up with a weird look on my face.



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