Me versus Me

Being sensitive is almost like a psychological disorder.
Without you noticing it, it deeply penetrates the innermost part of your soul, invading the crucial parts of your being which are ego, conscience, and feelings, etc. It will stay there for so long even if you are physically healed. Even if you know you are okay. 
Experiences and situations are the driving force of your sensitivity. When we see, hear, get, or feel bad moments it will be like a bacteria that goes inside your system and destroys your normal bodily functions slowly by slowly, without you noticing it. This is exactly true based on an experience. 
Until one day, basic human necessities such as instincts, critical thinking, and skills are affected then you came to realize that your sensitive personality is already wrecking your whole reasoning. 
This is quite crucial especially to people who take other people's judgement seriously. This type of people likely pleases others in order to stay away from a fight or a dramatic scenario, mainly it's like a defense mechanism of their being sensitive. 
However, this kind of life challenge is difficult to manage. It is like breaking a huge, sturdy wall which is analogous to the matters that compromises being sensitive, that doesn't even leave a scratch because it is inside you. It is what built you from the beginning you became aware of the world. Somewhat, you are fighting against yourself. This is difficult indeed.  

But as for me, this situation must prove that you, as a person, you are created for something better beyond imagination. In regulating this personality, I formulated these try-out hypothetical solutions:
Disclaimer:This is not proven by the way.

1.) Be honest to yourself. Be aware of who you are and your limitations.

2.) Try to be honest of what you feel and give your own standpoint to others even if it breaks their heart. Because you are actually bravely telling the truth and the truth shall set you free. 

3.) Then, do what your heart wants to do, with of course guided by you brain. 

4.) Don't really stress yourself with other people's opinion. Remember that whatever comes out their mouth, it is always you and only your final judgement that stands at the end. It's alright to defy the norms as long as it will not cause bad returns to you at the end. 

PS: I've noticed recently that life is becoming more challenging. So, I came to a point where I want to share something more personal, but, lesson filled composition. I hope this will somehow enlighten you. Because I want to help you in my own little way. :)



  1. Fiona,

    I really enjoyed this post. I also think it is so important to not let people's judging determine how you perceive yourself or how you act. As long as your living a healthy life that makes you happy, I see nothing wrong with living the way you want! xx


  2. Great post Fiona, I found this really useful. Being sensitive can be difficult in harder situations where confrontation is almost imminent, so these points were really useful. - Tasha


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