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Hello there! What's up with your week?
I'm back to school right now having my summer class. So far so good! For today, I just want to share to you guys my current favorites that I have been loving since I discovered them. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Landscape picture: mentioned from left to right.
Portrait picture: Look how much I used Baby powder candle, almost half full!

🌼 Starlytes in Apple cinnamon
This is the candle that I'm currently using now. I bought this in Handyman. I don't know if you know this hardware but they actually sells very good scented candle like this one. 
The smell of this candle is really good just like its name. From its scent this is so nice to lit during evening. If you have autumn season in your place, this is definitely a must-try candle. 
🌼 Starlytes in Pomegranate pear
This is also from Handyman. I tried to lit this candle for a night and it was so good too! The smell is obviously citrusy as its name describes. This is actually nice for lively mood like if you're feeling enthusiastic in a saturday morning. 
🌼 Our Own Candle Company in Baby powder
I had used this quite some time before I had the Starlytes candles. I bought this in Robinsons and this is the first scented candle that I really love. I like the smell of it. I like the baby powder smell. Every time I lit it, it feels like my room is a nursery room. The smell is really friendly. 

🌼 Chapman radio
Now I just discovered this I think last month. Lindseyrem, if you do not know her, she is a very nice youtuber. She actually shared this radio website from her school which she mentioned it in one of her videos. She is one of the DJs here and her program was awarded as Top 1 on Listenership, I think that was last couple of weeks if I'm not mistaken. 
What I really want to tell you dear friends is Chapman radio is awesome. It's like I'm writing this post now while listening to it. They play different genres like Pop, Indie, Jazz, Reggae, and many popular and very nice tunes. They also have talk shows in it and their topics are great. I'm out of words right now because I'm overwhelmed but I totally want to share their website to you guys. 

🌼 Lindseyrem
I'm loving youtuber, Lindseyrem right now. Actually, I love her since I discovered her last year. I mentioned her just now because I think this is the perfect time since I'm doing a favorites post. 
So far, Lindseyrem, as what I observed has a reserved personality and her personal style is like a classy and free chic. If you're into styles and clothes, music, makeups, vlogs, calligraphy (she's very good in it), and many more you can check her channel in the link below.
Link: Lindseyrem

🌼 Janina Vela
I also love this Filipina youtuber. She is a jolly person. I like how optimistic she looks. The things that I personally love on her videos are I am quite assured to it since we belong to the same country which is Philippines. So her fashion and makeup videos are a guarantee for something tropical. I also love her for being faithful because I watched her Christmas video last year and I definitely love her concept. If you want to discover more great youtuber especially that lives somewhere else you can check her channel in the link below.
Link: Janina Vela

So here are all of my current favorites! I hope you enjoy and got something out of my post. Comment below if you happen to like the youtubers mentioned...or what is your favorite candle that you tried?



  1. Great post :) I haven't heard of those youtubers, ill have to check them out!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. Thank you! They're one of the coolest youtubers I ever seen :D

  2. I have always loved the combination of apple and cinnamon in candles :)

    1. Yes, I truly agree! :D
      Have a great day!

  3. The pomegranate and pear candle sounds deliciously good Fiona! Will have to check your other favourites out too. - Tasha

  4. Very true. Hahaha. So far, my other favorites are one of the best! Have a nice day! :D

  5. Great post! I love to discover new YouTubers :) xx, Carmen -

  6. Love your current favorite! Gonna check out some of these new youtubers!

    Sharon Lee

    1. Thanks Sharon! :) They're one of my best youtubers.

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  8. Never heard of these youtubers! Will have to have a look! Thanks for posting!

    Darriyan xx |

    1. Yes, they're really nice :) You're welcome!

  9. Great post with so many great favourites!
    Have a lovely day,

    1. Thank you! Have a lovely day too! :)


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