10 things I never knew until I got to Biology!

Hello there! How is May so far?
I'm working on a by group baby thesis at the moment. Just one last requirement to fulfill then I can have my desired vacation. Not really a desire one but I'm pretty sure that I'll be working on my own thesis topic, review for medical exam if possible and do work out (yeah~).

But anyways, I just want to share something cool now. 
If you didn't know I'm a 3rd year Biology student by the way. For being under the program of Biology, I learned a lot especially on fun facts. Biology filled up the holes in my brain. I never thought that some living organisms that surrounds us have a weird and surprising way of life. So here I am wanting to share the things I learned from my Biology teachers. Without further ado, let's run through it!

Jellyfishes are immortal.

They only die due to circumstances like killing them or habitat change. According to my teacher, scientists are already cracking the code of their immortality and might test it on human. He said, if that's the case he cannot imagine the world 50 years from now. 

Corals are not rocks.

They are actually animals! They move a millimeter away every year, that's why we cannot really tell that they're alive. When destroyed, corals will regenerate but it will take years for them to fix themselves. Thus, dynamite fishing is not encouraged. Let's love nature!

Girls rule in a colony of ants!

The society of ants have a systematic way of living. They have a queen, workers, and army. Ants depend on their queen. Their queen is the only species that can reproduce and make substances that can supply for the health of the rest of the society. 

That morning water droplet on the edge of the leaves

I think most of you notice water droplets on the side of the leaves in your garden during morning. But you wonder where it came from since it wasn't raining just a while ago. It is actually because of guttation. In guttation, the plants in your garden are absorbing water from a moist soil during the night where transpiration (evaporation of water from plants to atmosphere) is not occurring. Transpiration occurs when there is sunlight that pulls up the water absorb by plants. But in the case of guttation, when plants absorb water, due to root pressure the water goes up and leaves a droplet on the sides of the leaves instead. 

Nemo will eventually become a gay.

Yes it's true. Clownfishes are born as males. But, when a female dies in their society, a dominant male clownfish will transform into a female and mate with a male to produce another generation of all male clownfishes.

Genes vs. Genome

A gene is a specific sequence in your DNA that produces a protein (or 1 trait of you) while genome is the whole collection of your genes.

Microbes also accumulates in high and low temperatures.

This is why teachers would say that microbes like bacteria, are everywhere because, they can survive anywhere! Just like putting your food in a fridge. Some microbes cannot grow in low temperatures but there are specific groups of microbes that can live even in this kind of temperature they are called "psychropiles", cold-loving organisms. There are also microbes that can withstand heat, they are called "hyperthermophiles". But don't worry this kind of microbes mostly exist in uncivilized areas like volcanos and other extreme habitats.
By the way, the picture above is an example of a microbial isolation we had done in  the laboratory. The microbes are from the girl's comfort room.

Vaccines are made from microbes.

Ironic isn't it? I also had the same reaction when I read this in the book, like I kept rereading this part over and over. But, vaccines are from bacteria, viruses, and other antigens indeed. Vaccines may be made with live, weakened or inactivated microbe. They can also be made from a small antigen fragment or combined to another fragment that can stimulate our immune system.  

We do not have cancer cells.

This is probably a misinterpreted concept. As my teacher says, we do not have cancer cells, but we do have proto-oncogenes. This proto-oncogenes encodes protein for regulation of cell growth. If mutation occurs, may be internal or external factors, this proto-oncogenes we have will become an oncogene which encodes an abnormal protein that interferes the regulation of cell growth, thus results to having cancer.

When nerve cells die, they aren't replaced.

That is why don't let yourself stress too much thinking of matters not really worth to be stressed out. When our nerve cells die because of different factors like diseases, the other nerve cells will not divide to replace it unlike the other type of cells we have, for example is our skin cells. This is a characteristic of a nerve cell so now I think you should reconsider that vacation you just have cancelled, haha. But don't worry, we actually have billions of nerve cell enough for a lifetime. Take care of your body though!

Hey friends! So I hope you learned something from my post today. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know the things you never knew until now and the things that surprised you from my list :)

"Learning is forever."
Have a nice day!



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    1. Thank you Carmen! Glad you learned something :)

  5. Reading this post makes me like throwback to my high school subject since last time I learnt Biology is when I was in high school and yeah, from those things I only know 2 things, that corals are animals and female rules ant's colony, so thanks to you! :) Would you like to follow each other's blog dear? Please let me know :)




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