Insect invasion & Farewell party!

Hello people in the whole wide world! Yes I'm still alive!
I had been out for three weeks and I honestly felt like it was a month. I never expected that I could not get myself out of blogging during summer classes since summer classes aren't really tedious. But, it was. I have a very convenient schedule, but I never thought that most of my free time would cover up my preparations for exams which are always due every week. So I need to occupy my free time reading and doing a lot like let me emphasize it "a lot" of homeworks especially in my Computer class. I mean, we always have homework everyday and I just can't start studying for my major that covers three or five slightly long chapters. 

Nevertheless, I still kept thinking about blogging those days. I knew I can't write something legit if my mind is still on my academics. So what I did is I took memorable pictures when I was out thus I can share it you when I'm back. So here are the moments I had been through...


I am super happy during those days. I had achieved some things that made me confident that I can do it. First, my spaghetti was improving. I know spaghetti is an amateur dish but for a beginner like me I'm super happy with it. At least, my aunt and cousin told me that it was delicious. Yey! Thanks for the cheese and spices. 
And I definitely made an exact 1000 words of reflection paper. It was about the Parable of the Prodigal Son. It took me 5 hours to do it and the thing is I never expected that I could make a 1000 words reflection! Because 1000 words are just too many for me. Just thinking of it makes me want to cry like I don't even know what to say and feel about the parable. Though my reflection paper lacks editing but still I am truly amaze that I finished it with the exact requirement. If you want to read my reflection paper, I uploaded it on my Wattpad account: hellopanda10


My room was attacked by termites! So we ended up destroying my door and cabinet and waiting for it to be redesigned by an architect. So just for now, I'll be using my grandparents' room. My grandparents' room is apparently bigger than mine and it has everything that I  need, a television and a bathroom. Perhaps, being attacked by termites has its good purpose.


This is how our garden looks like during summer. Bougainvillea flowers are blooming everywhere and it's so pretty! I like the feeling of being surrounded with beautiful flowers and evergreen landscape in a garden. They're very relaxing. 


Even our tree is developing fruits during these days! If I'm not mistaken this is a green water apple fruit and we call this as tambis in our native language. So we happen to climb the tree to harvest these fresh fruits.

🌼 OH, MR. SUN 🌼

Though, the heat of summer is actually making us dehydrated. I often go to the kitchen to drink cold water because we are having El Nino here in Philippines and our place is really affected with it. El Nino is a term used to describe having a dry season. This is a great disadvantage to the farmers since we just experience light rainfall once or twice last April. And one more thing is, even as early as seven in the morning you're sweating already! It makes me want to stay in the shower every minute that I break sweat. 


This was taken in different days. It just so happen that the pinkish and orange sun light lighted my grandparents' room and I was amazed by it. So I went outside and took a shot of it. 


Supposedly, I went to Watsons to buy some bath soap but I passed by this shower cream and I kind of get tad curious of it. I don't usually use shower creams and shower gel but they have it 50% discount so I bought it. Although, I wasn't satisfied with the scent because I was expecting it would have a sweet scent but it was all good. I'm trying the milk shower cream as of now and I like how bubbly it is on my skin. I also got myself an eyelash curler from a local brand Ever Belina and a matte lip pencil in Nude color from Pinkies, also a local brand. This is my first lip pencil and I got to say that lip pencils are great alternative for lipsticks! I like the color of this on my lips and I'm planning to try a different color from the same brand, maybe toffee shades or something in that shade.

Last Thursday we had a Farewell party for my Aunt Joy that came all the way from Canada. We went to Seda Hotel and had some great food there. I personally like their pasta and of course their dessert. I got almost all of their dessert served in buffet style because they are too delicious not to be eaten. I love the chocolate whip cream with chocolate syrup on it and their chocolate brownie! 

So far that's all of my good memories during my three weeks of no-blogging. I hope I can catch up to you guys. I just miss you very much and I can't wait chit-chatting all of you. And there are a lot of your posts that I want to read too. I hope I can read them all. Also, keep posted for my upcoming blog posts. Have a nice day! 

PS: Advance Happy Mother's day! 



  1. Good to see you back Fiona! Sometimes it's nice to take a break and it can't be helped when you're busy too :) Love these sunny shots here, that sunset is gorgeous and the flowers are just lovely too. I hope the termite invasion has been halted for your room as well! - Tasha

    1. It's good to see you too Tasha! Hahaha thanks :) I really hope so.

  2. Replies
    1. Good to see you too, Nabila! Thank you!

  3. Sorry to hear your room was attacked my termites - eek! Though on a brighter note, that sunset is so, so beautiful :)

    1. yes, it was really a bad day for me knowing that the door of my room will be destroyed. But, I'm hoping that it will be fix sooner :) Thanks Gabrielle!


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