Tumblr Collage #1

So I have been updating my Tumblr recently and noticed that I'm actually posting for no one. Yes, I have little Tumblr followers and I just can't get the thought that I'm reblogging beautiful pictures and inspiring posts from other blogs to what? just for myself? The idea of having little followers is not a problem to me because mainly I love using Tumblr for daily personal inspirations through reading poems and quotations and seeing meaningful pictures. It's just reblogging these posts would be a waste if I can't share them to actual people. Thus, an idea pop out of my mind telling me to bring Tumblr to Blogger and share it to everyone! 

So for my new type of blog post, I'll be posting four pictures (rather a collage) from my Tumblr that has the same concept and try to make a word for it. Because most of my Tumblr posts are on the "feel good/motivational" side, so why not say something out of the pictures and share it? Here's my Tumblr Collage #1!

Each of us is beautifully unique in their own ways. 

Yes dear. The first picture on the top right reminded me of Keith Wynn's post: The Abnormality of Normality, please do check this out, it's a very nice post. He was talking about being odd and agreed that everyone has that oddity inside. As what he said, "if a person is not at least a little weird, then we cannot be friends. Normal, if there is such a thing, is boring as hell." 
According to science, 99% of our genetic makeup is the same as others that is why we have the same structure of a human being. Yet, that remaining 1% of our genetic makeup is what created us to be different from each other it may be on physical, mental, or personality, and etc. So to speak, being down for the past weeks saying to yourself that you are weird or why I am doing these strange things or you are thinking differently than others. This is just one, common example of scenario that challenges our self confidence. But you know what, you may think that you are different from others, yet this is the time that you should recognize that you are truly unique.
I experience this common scenario from time to time too. Apparently, it will be harder for me to cope with this kind of challenge because I have a bunch of anxieties. Just like being anxious of what might people think of me. Like if I'm doing something different from the way people use to do things and they'll gonna observe me, I likely just panic in my mind thinking of what they are possibly thinking of me during that time. So in the latter I would mess up what I am doing because I was having anxieties. But for me, these anxieties that I have is part of my uniqueness, even if it is good or bad. That's part of me. I may have the same anxiety to other people but we are totally different kind of person. 
Thus, that 1% of a person is built with various colors that is embossed by his genes and restructured by his surrounding. A person can "burn down the Earth and graffiti the sky" as shown in the bottom left picture if he will unhide his uniqueness/difference to the world. Don't be afraid because you are not the only one. We are all different and that I can tell, is beautiful. 



  1. Love the collages you came up with and I hope you get some more followers soon! I'm not on Tumblr but I'll make sure to hop over and see your site and save it to my favourites as well :) - Tasha

  2. I use Pinterest in a similar way to how you use Tumblr - not necessarily for an audience, and instead simply for enjoyment :) Have a brilliant week Fiona!


    1. Yes Gabrielle. Thanks and have a brilliant week too! :)

  3. This was such an inspirational post to me. I love the collage of pictures. that part about worrying about what other people think is something I relate with so much. I have some weird friends that are fun to be with but sometimes I wonder if I'm weird enough for them ( or weird in a different way that something is wrong).

    I've been trying to use tumblr but I haven't been able to get very many followers either. With so many tumblr accounts online, It's difficult to be discovered.

    This is such a great blog that you have and I would love to keep reading. I hope we can become online friends in the future. :)
    -Adorkable Darling

    1. I would love too :D I'm very happy that you like my blog. I very much appreciate it. I'll check your blog the soonest. Have a nice day!

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  5. Love this!

    Different is definitely beautiful!


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com

  6. Interesting thoughts indeed. In the end we all have our uniqueness. Greetings!


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