Current Favorites + Flicks this Summer

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Hey homies! In this post, I'l be sharing to you my current favorites that I am loving some time now. I just have a few of them but I hope it will give you some insight. Let's get right into it!
🌼Country Chic by Bath&BodyWorks
This never failed me at all! I always use this as my daily perfume, I mean going out to school or the mall. I love how it smells so simple and sunny. Whenever I spray this on, it gives me a happy scent.😊
🌼Lavender Chamomile by Our Own Candle Company
This was a birthday gift from someone special. At first, I thought it was an ordinary lavender scent, but when I smelled it. . .Oh my gosh cant believe he bought the right candle. It was so nice! I really love how the smell is not overpowering. It's like a mix of lavender and baby powder. I was so happy that I received this.😊
🌼Banana Nut Bread by Our Own Candle Company
When I saw this, I thought I could give it a try. Although, it's not like the flowery, calm scent that I usually love. It certainly creates a sweet scent around the room.

As promised in my previous post, Staycation Ideas
I will share to you my flick picks to watch this summer!
I'm currently watching Lucifer these days and I'm so loving it! This is an ongoing TV series. I don't know what channel they are aired, so I just watch it online. You should watch this homies, the story revolves around Lucifer's point of view. It's really an interesting series!   
🌼Rick and Morty
If you're in the mood to watch cartoons, well, this is my pick for you. This is an ongoing series as they're already making the Season 3. Rick and Morty is about their crazy adventures. You'll see a different kind of world in their world. It opens your imagination to any possibilities, even if it's weird.
I know I have featured this on one of my previous post. If you feel like exploring other country's flicks, this is my pick for you! This is a Korean drama with full of fantasy and inspiration. This is really an interesting flick to watch homies. Wait a minute, I just realized that all of my picks are fantasy-inspired. Hahaha forgive me homies, but I guess. . .after I had watched all of these options I learned a lot of valuable lessons. So, I can say they're worth to watch😊 If you like to read a review about Goblin, click here.
So that's it! Brief and concise. I hope you'll have an amazing summer homies. If you're staying at home this vacation, I have these ideas for you to live your staycation to the fullest! 

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  1. Those candles look really nice! I love scented candles ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. I love them as well! <3 Have a nice day Amy!

  2. The Lavender Chamomile candle sounds completely beautiful, what a lovely gift to have received! I've voted in your poll by the way (which i'm now super curious about, haha).

    1. Haha thank you Gabrielle :) it's a personal survey actually, just wanted to know ;)

  3. Love Rick and Morty; so funny!!

    1. Yes it is! Hello Sophie! Welcome to my blog :D

  4. I don't know any of these beauty brands, but these sound lovely x

    Pink Frenzy

    1. Hello Laura! They're really nice actually :)


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