Staycation Ideas

Maybe some of you will stay at home during summer, as what we call it "staycation", maybe some of you will think that staying at home is too boring. Well, sometimes we need to chill ourselves away from the loud horns of the cars and crowded places, right? Staying at home is wonderful! You got to spend less or none at all, you're already comfortable with the place so you don't have to adjust to the environment. But, maybe some of you will think that staying at home makes you unproductive, well, you have the whole house to work on the whole summer break. Here are my ideas on living your staycation to the fullest!
This is the perfect time to practice those recipes you have seen in the internet. You have the whole summer break to make that sweet, delicious cupcakes perfect! Even cooking meals for your family is also a good idea! In this way, you'll have the opportunity to learn cooking and baking.
After months of doing school and office works, we all have that pile of papers all around our room. Oh the mess from those stressful days! Now is the time to put them in a box and move them in the attic or you can just simply throw them away. But be careful, you might throw important documents😉 You can clean and arrange everything in the house or in your apartment. You can even revamp your space! Although, this will take time so you need to carefully plan on how you will do it. Have one goal at a time!
I know some of us have a hard time blogging during hectic schedules. So when you're on staycation, you have the time to be back in line again! Plan your next post! If you're having a writer's block, there are some blog post ideas in the internet you can check on. I've got mine from Social Spying and A Girl, Obsessed. You just have to subscribe to their blog and they will send it to you.
Moreover, this will be the right time to reconnect with your readers, to the online world, and share what you have been up to! It's also nice to blog during staycation as you can be alone on your bed or couch and reflect on matters!
What a perfect time to catch up with those episodes! I think the most relaxing and fun thing to do when we're at home is watching movies and series. And I think we're all guilty of doing this. I wanted to share some movies to you now but I think my post is already getting long. So, I'll have another blog about flicks to watch this summer. So keep posted homies😉
Learning different skills is one of the best way to be productive during staycation. Why not beautify your garden? Experiment different summer-y flowers or plant fruit trees at the backyard? I'm sure there are a lot of garden inspirations on the internet you can follow. If you don't want to get muddy hands, you might want to learn instrumental lessons! If you can't afford to have a private teacher, you may check on Youtube. There are a lot of step-by-step lessons there from classical to contemporary. You can actually practice anything you want to learn during summer break, it may be mastering makeup and hair styling to DIYs. 
We often forget to take care of our health when we are literally in our comfort zone, where the bed is pulling you back to sleep and those food in the fridge awaits your attention. To keep your health and body in shape during staycation, I suggest to have a simple workout routine every morning. Last summer, I followed Niomi Smart's morning workout routine and it was really great! Some of her routine was simple, so I think you won't get to worry on its proper execution. 
So that's it homies! I hope this post will give you ideas on how to live staycation to the fullest! 
Anymore ideas? How would you spend your staycation? Love to hear it from you!

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    1. Thank you for visiting sir/maam :) Will head over to check your services :)

  2. I'm planning of having a staycation. Afterall, I only have a week holiday so where would I be going anyway? All of the above are great ideas to occupy myself with,in case I grow bored or whatever.

    BBB xx

    1. Hope it helps! Have an amazing staycation! :D

  3. I'm afraid I'm not having a staycation but a busy holiday. I'm meeting up with a ton of people, going shopping quite alot and compiling plenty of upcoming baking posts and obviously baking. How about you?

    #sweetreats xx

    1. Oh but that's also great right? you got to socialize and learn different recipes :) I wish you luck and an amazing holiday!

  4. Amazing post, love it! ♥
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    1. Thank you Veronica :) sure, heading to your blog now :)

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