The Road to Being Better Diaries: Dancing to the Rhythm

And then it fades. . .

silence swayed inside the room. . .

I set my foot on solid ground waiting for that "part"  

the music softly held a single note,

medling to an outburst of adrenaline inside the whole room.

I swiftly move away and dance with the allegro 

It goes on and on, faster than the beat of my heart

I skip, I pirouette, but the music is like a sound of tragedy

It didn't stop for a second, it never slowed down

I tremble and fell on my knees. . .

tears ran down on my pale skin

deep down I'm shattered



  1. Hello everyone!
    This is something that I want to publish in my blog. This is a series of life reflections and shoutouts from my journey of becoming a better version of myself. This type of post may have a different kinds of writing style, depending on my thoughts during that day.

    I know I hadn't been updating my blog a long time now since senior year started. Many things came up unexpected. It was a horrible and depressing time for me. But, I hope I can make it up to you. I'll do my best.

    PS: I suggest you read my previous post: On what I felt, so that you'll know a bit of what was going on with my life. Also, stay tune for the next post. It will be a piece of continuation on this first post.

    Thank you dear friends! Thank you for staying :)


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