Freewill and Destiny

After what happened, I somehow learned about two important things in life, Freewill and Destiny. Perhaps, I was at ease knowing that I learned something after the fall, after the months of "mourning" of losing a special moment in life as a college student. It gave me a bit of boost to stand up again. I can't find the appropriate words to describe this feeling of realization. But, I feel so loved and it was magnificently comforting.
I'm here because of my choices, whether those choices were planned or not. On what just happened, I know it was because of my ignorance. Ignorance of the reality, that I was still (or might be even now) flying in fantasy and the goodness of world. Dwelling on the bright side of life not knowing the harsh reality that the world could give. I was somehow upset that I have to realize this in a painful way. Perhaps, God knows best. 
I heard someone said, "What's the point of living when your destiny is already written?" I cannot blame God for a horrible experience. God gave me the gift of freewill to shape myself according to what I desire for myself. God is here to guide me. He is not controlling my actions like a robot. A good destiny is my choice
Points to remember:
🌼Although the heavens know the past, present, and future, they don't control your life
🌼The heavens are there to guide you by providing you the necessary matters to end up with a good decision
🌼You are the captain of your ship

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  1. I love the idea of destiny- and what's meant to be will be.

    Inspiring and thought-provoking post!



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