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So, it's summer and maybe some of you will spend their vacation on other places. If you happen to plan visiting Philippines in the future (you should😉) or if you already visited the country, you can observe that there is this culture that makes Filipinos a Filipino especially when it comes to food. In this post, I will share to you seven foods that will never, ever be absent in every Filipino dining tables! I tell you, these foods are essential and a must to almost every Filipino occasions or on normal days. So when you visit Philippines, you should try all of these too!

🌼 White rice
So this is a common food to put in every Filipino dining tables and an essential part too! Generally, Filipinos will start their dine by putting 1 cup or even 2 cups of white rice on their plates before anything else! Talk about calorie intake😂
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🌼 Lechon Baboy 
Lechon Baboy is always present in every Filipino ocassions --fiestas, birthdays, weddings, etc. This serves as the main food that everybody will get after putting their white rice on their plates. It's crispy, juicy, and aromatic! 
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🌼 Adobo
Generally, this is one of the all-time favorite dish of Filipinos. It consists of cut pork, toyo (soy sauce), and suka (vinegar). Personally, I like this dish when the sauce is perfectly blended with the sourness and saltiness of the soy sauce and vinegar. This is actually how my family would cook Adobo. I also like it when chicken is used instead of pork.
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🌼 Street foods
After long office and school hours, Filipinos tend to buy street foods before going home or even eat some during snack time. There are a lot of street foods that Filipinos eat this includes balot, proven, kwek-kwek, fishball, and many more!
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🌼 Halo-halo
This is one of my fave dessert! I'm craving for it right now! Halo-halo consists of crushed ice, top with different sweets (ice cream, jelly, beans, leche flan, etc.), and mixed with evaporated milk. Best serve during summer!
🌼 Kakanin (Rice made dessert)
Because Filipinos love rice so much, they also make rice desserts! This is my all-time favorite desserts even when I was a kid. There are various kakanin you can try when you visit Philippines this includes kutsinta (my fave!), palitaw, puto, biko, and many more! Kakanin are frequently served during Holy Week when pork and beef are restricted. Talk about carbs😂

🌼 Pancit 
One reason why Filipinos put pancit or sometimes spaghetti on the dining table is because of the saying that noodles represent long life. So when you go to birthday parties expect that pancit or spaghetti will be serve.
So, that's all chums!
What food or meal is usually serve in your place?
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Replies
    1. Hello ate Elle! Hahaha ako nga rin habang sinusulat ko 'to :D
      Have a nice day!

  2. YAAAS sarap yung adobo :P paboritong dish ko ay pancit canton ! (sorry kun hindi tama yung tagalog ko haha di ko nagusapan yan sa habang panahon lol)

    - nicole ᵔᴥᵔ

    1. Hindi rin maganda yung tagalog ko hahaha!
      Have a nice day Nicole!

  3. OMG, I really want to try Halo-Halo and Kakanin since I am a big fan of dessert <3
    Okay, mouthwatering now :))



    1. You should try :) Have a nice day Chelshea!

  4. Fantastic! I want to try all 😊

    1. Yes you should Raffaela :D Have a nice day!

  5. These look so good, I'm a vegetarian so i wouldn't be able to try a huge amount but i do love my rice!


    1. That's okay. I just realized that most Filipinos really love meat :) Rice is love :D

  6. Thanks so much for the introduction to Filipino food! I'm not very experimental when it comes to trying new cuisines (I know, terrible! haha), and so this is a great push in the right direction :)

    1. Welcome Gabrielle! I'm not very experimental too. But, I swear they're very tasty ;)

  7. I tried most of Pinoy food. Except Lechon Baboy. Nice blog.

    Okudugum Kitaplar

    1. Oh that's great Cavansir! :) Thank you!

  8. Honestly really a helpful post for a foodie like me! You saved me a lot of research, I would love to find some pointers for every cuisine in the world haha

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

    1. Oh that's nice. Thank you Mary! I'll try to have some more Filipino food posts. Philippines has a lot of food varieties. :)


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